Company established in 2011.
It was founded by the current owner with an ambitious development plan.
Initially, the company offered only services, but now it also manufacture electronic devices.
In 2018, due to the expansion of activities, the company changed its name.
Currently, main focuse in on the installation and service of heat pumps and gas heaters, gas installations and connections, and the production of gas leak detectors.

We offer:

  • Installation and service of air heat pumps in new buildings and in existing ones.
  • Installation of gas heaters in domestic and industrial buildings.
  • Installation and modernization of gas boiler rooms.
  • Installation of outdoor gas tanks.
  • Gas network connections in domestic buildings.
  • Welding of new and existing gas installations in buildingsh.
  • Periodic inspections of gas installations.
  • Installation and service of gas leak detectors.

Our photos

Our installations photos.

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Heat pumps

We install and service heat pumps.

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Gas boilers

We install and service gas boilers.

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Gas detection solutions.

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Installations and service

Wide range of services.

Our customers

The group of our clients is constantly expanding thanks to our attention to the smallest details.
We guarantee satisfaction with the services and functionality of our products thanks to continuous improvements with our customers help.

inaer custommers

Manufacturers of the devices we install

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Thank you

Chcemy bardzo podziękować naszym klientom za wszystkie komentaże. We would like to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the creation and continuous improvement of this website. Thanks to your support, this website becomes more intuitive and the content provides all the information you need.
We are open to cooperation and constantly improve what we do.

Please contact us - info@inaer.pl