Heat pumps

We install heat pumps in new and existing buildings.

6 reasons why you should install a heat pump:

  • The heat pump is currently the most economical, effective and ecological source of heating residential and industrial buildings.
  • Heat pumps do not pollute the air and, using energy from renewable sources, they become the most ecological source of heating.
  • Small size and no need to store materials, the room where the heat pump is installed it can be very small or be used as a laundry room, gym or even a pantry storage.
  • Heat pumps are easy to use. Just set the temperature and the device will keep it constantly.
  • There is no need for chimney duct in buildings where heat pumps are installed, so you can use passive ventilation and recover most of the heat lost in the buildings with chimneys.
  • Possibility of using a state subsidy for the purchase of an ecological energy source.
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Operation of heat pump

There are three types of heat pumps:
- air source heat pumps
- water source heat pumps
- ground source heat pumps
Our company install air source heat pumps which compress the gas, which increases its temperature and when the gas expands a large amount of heat is absorbed from the environment and then directed inside the building. This process repeated constantly cause "pumping" of heat into the interior of the building eaven at very low outside temperatures.

Gas boilers

We install and service gas boilers in domestic and industrial buildings.

5 reasons why you should install a gas boiler:

  • The latest gas boilers have a closed combustion chamber, a safety valve, and a lack of water pressure sensor for the and an automatic air vent, which makes them a very safe source of heating buildings and utility water.
  • Condensing gas boilers are characterized by lower, even by 30%, gas consumption. This is possible thanks to the recovery of heat from the flue gases, which is transferred to the heating system.
  • The newest gas boilers have high energy efficiency thanks to the continuous optimization of the combustion process. They are characterized by low emission of harmful substances and comply with the latest environmental directives.
  • They are fully automated. They recognize and adapt to the type of gas thanks to integrated sensors and regulators.
  • Gas boilers have small sizes and a closed combustion chamber, so they can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens and other utility rooms.
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Operation of gas boilers

There are two types of gas boilers:
- standard
- condensing
Standard boilers simply burn gas, while condensing boilers recover part of the heat from the flue gases. In order for condensation to occur, the flue gases produced during gas combustion must be cooled to the dew point temperature. They are cooled by water flowing through the heat exchanger of the boiler.

Gas installations and connections

Gas network connections

We connect residential buildings to the gas network.

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Gas installations

We weld new and existing installations in buildings.

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External gas tanks

We install external gas tanks.

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Gas installation inspections

We carry out periodic gas inspections using certified gas detection devices.

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Service and installation of gas sensors

We provide installations and services of our products and other manufacturers gas sensors .

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